3rd International Young Chef Olympiad at IIHM, Delhi : Flavors from the little fingers!


Ever wondered why you are chirpier than usual on the day your mom cooks the most scrumptious food? That’s because food has the magic of lighting up everybody’s mood.

And what if you get to see a variety of scintillating dishes being made under one roof by emerging culinary stars from across 45 countries? Nirvana, isn’t it?


The International Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM), India’s largest hotel school chain, along with Incredible India recently hosted the 3rd International Young Chef Olympiad, the biggest culinary battle on Planet Earth between student chefs. The 6-day long intense competition was a top-notch culinary event that showcased the prowess of the next generation of stars of the global food and hospitality industry.The competing chefs had the privilege to be judged by our evergreen and most loved food guru, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, along with some well-known domestic and international chefs.

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We at Greenthumb had the great opportunity to be the PR partners for an event so extravagant that it garnered extensive coverage from India’s leading media houses.

During the course of the event, our team also got a chance to have a hearty conversation with renowned culinary professionals from all over the world, who gave us an insight into the level of difficulty and challenges faced by the student chefs during the competition. Chef Shaun Kenworthy said that the competency of each student chef would completely depend on how they are mentored and what direction they have been provided so far. Chef Abhijit Saha was of the opinion that these young chefs from the top hospitality schools of the world were getting such a unique, international platform to showcase their talent, which in itself is a major achievement. We also got to meet 14-year old Logan Guleff, the Junior Master Chef US 2014 winner, whose accomplishments at such a young age are awe-inspiring.

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Apart from the excellent media coverage that this event has generated, working on this PR campaign has been an invaluable experience for Team Greenthumb because of the insights that we received after observing the amount of hardship and back-breaking effort that goes behind the scenes when we order a dish at our favorite restaurant. Hats-off to the flavor masters of the world!

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