Some quotes that might help you understand PR a little better!

If you are skeptical about hiring a PR agency and handing over the reputation management of your organization to an external resource, then the following quotes by some prominent personalities will make you understand what exactly Public Relations is and its significance. Moreover, the quotes might make you believe in the power of PR and boost your confidence to try yours hands at it.

When asked how they will define PR, some very interesting responses were given by a few PR professionals. One defined it as an “art of pleasing everyone”. Someone said that “PR is all about Media Relations. The better you are at media relations, the better you are at PR”. While a couple of Public Relations professionals defined PR as a “strategic communication between the client and the target audience” as well as “an image enhancer which creates a positive aura around something or someone in order to convert an entity into a ‘brand’”.

If Bill Gates, who is one of the most successful businessmen in the world, was willing to invest his last dollar on PR, then why can’t you trust the power of an efficient PR agency?! Hopefully, the above quotes by experts and thoughts-cum-suggestions of some PR professionals currently working in the industry are sufficient to persuade you to “Keep calm and hire a PR agency!”

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