Is Guest blogging heading towards extinction?

Kicked off with an eye on being a traffic puller to various blogs via links, guest blogging is now facing harsh criticism by Google Webspam head Matt Cutts over its transformation into a spam practice and link-building technique. Some of us might disagree with him but if we step into Matt Cutts’ shoes, maybe we would know how tough it gets for him to pass on the company’s unpopular policies and bear the brunt of subsequent criticism from the opposing end. Frankly speaking, his recent tweet stating, ‘Stick a fork in it, Guest blogging is done!’ definitely comes out as legitimate.

You may be wondering the reason behind this nod! Well, it all started during the rise of guest blogging. Tons of low quality content started swarming on the web. The websites accepting those guest bloggers soon lost their credibility and respect, making Matt Cutts penalizing those wanting to build agency delhi

Guest blogging in another way is internet’s version of doing traditional PR, which is a valid and fair strategy on its own. Thus, it can be a form of link building without requiring the links to be effective. Matt Cutts’ tweet was a warning blow to those wretched SEO spammers who are using guest posting as a quick way to acquire links. This certainly means guest blogging for SEO is still alive, as long as it is done right. Stressing not on the quantity of the content, the content posted by guest bloggers must focus on optimized keyword links and make sure that they are using the correct Google authorship, making the posts high quality and relevant.


So for all the webmasters out there, remember, not all of you are in the line of fire with Google’s guest blogging gun. Consider this as a rejuvenation of Guest Blogging. Set your standards high before you choose a contributing author because, if Google starts penalizing sites for delivering quality content by guest bloggers, it may never see the daylight as a search engine.

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