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Influencing perception and networking is what you like? Then PR is your cup of tea

Public Relations is a dynamic field and requires one to be perseverant along with an ability to tackle the worst case scenarios sensibly. An effective PR professional has great potential of transforming the perception of an individual/organization in the society in a positive way. Undoubtedly, PR has an extraordinary quality of building a brand in the community. Just like Direct Marketing and Advertising, PR too requires good communication skills and convincing powers. However, the task of pitching gets more difficult in the latter case as influencing a journalist to publish or telecast unpaid articles or news packages is quite an uphill task.

Every job comes with its own challenges and specific targets to be accomplished within a specific time. However, PR is unlike the monotonous ‘9 to 5’ or stressful ‘Sales Target’ job and is just like doing marketing ‘off-field’. It opens up avenues to interact with people with different interests and from diverse regions. It allows building and establishing relations with journalists and editors of major publications, news channels and web portals. Not only it helps in networking, but it also enables the PR professionals to understand the mindset of the people they are dealing with. Continue reading