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The Pendulum

“Hello, is it Miss Archana?” Came the voice over the telephone.

“Yes. Who is this?” Replied Archana, a bit irritated at the interruption. There was much work to do, and she had calls of her own she had to make. Being a PR executive was not an easy task.

“This is Arshad here, ma’am.” The voice said, respectfully. “I am doing a story on rehabilitation of cancer patients and just wanted to ask you if your client would like to contribute.”

Archana stared at her screen in silent surprise for a moment. This was the same journalist who had many a time rudely turned down a story idea without ever listening it through. In fact, Arshad, being the Delhi-NCR healthcare editor of a top publication, was famous for treating PR personnel like dirt. Slow anger bubbled up in the pit of Archana’s stomach. Continue reading