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Why Is Growth Hacking a Big Deal for Internet Startups?

If you’re into Internet Marketing, you have probably heard a few things about Growth Hacking and how it helped startups and Internet companies with skyrocketing success. If you, too, wish to take full advantage of a rather complex web world, you should probably know much more than you think you need to.


Did you ever give Growth Hacking a serious thought? If you are an Internet Marketer or are planning an Internet start up, there are 100% chance you will do it after reading this blog post!

What is Growth Hacking?
There is nothing new about growth hacking; it is a term used to describe techniques marketers around the world have been using to promote startups for years. However, it is significantly different from tried and tested traditional marketing methods. It heavily draws from technology, is highly technology dependent unlike some traditional marketing tools and focuses on building a large fan/user base at a very fast rate.

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