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3rd International Young Chef Olympiad at IIHM, Delhi : Flavors from the little fingers!


Ever wondered why you are chirpier than usual on the day your mom cooks the most scrumptious food? That’s because food has the magic of lighting up everybody’s mood.

And what if you get to see a variety of scintillating dishes being made under one roof by emerging culinary stars from across 45 countries? Nirvana, isn’t it?


The International Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM), India’s largest hotel school chain, along with Incredible India recently hosted the 3rd International Young Chef Olympiad, the biggest culinary battle on Planet Earth between student chefs. The 6-day long intense competition was a top-notch culinary event that showcased the prowess of the next generation of stars of the global food and hospitality industry.The competing chefs had the privilege to be judged by our evergreen and most loved food guru, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, along with some well-known domestic and international chefs. Continue reading

O be careful little mouth what you say

“O be careful little mouth what you say
There’s a Father up above
And he is looking down to judge
So, be careful little mouth what you say.”

Our very own version of the song we grew up singing in schools holds so true for the public leaders of our country today, who have assumed that their power and position give them the liberty to express themselves in whatever manner they deem fit.

In the recent Bangalore molestation episode it was not only the incident that sent shockwaves across the nation, but also the callous reactions and defensive attitude of our officials. Harshest of all being by Karnataka Home Minister G Parameshwara, who said, “Such incidents do happen on New Year and Christmas, western style of dressing by girls and imitation of western culture are responsible for such incidents of molestation.” Continue reading

Influencing perception and networking is what you like? Then PR is your cup of tea

Public Relations is a dynamic field and requires one to be perseverant along with an ability to tackle the worst case scenarios sensibly. An effective PR professional has great potential of transforming the perception of an individual/organization in the society in a positive way. Undoubtedly, PR has an extraordinary quality of building a brand in the community. Just like Direct Marketing and Advertising, PR too requires good communication skills and convincing powers. However, the task of pitching gets more difficult in the latter case as influencing a journalist to publish or telecast unpaid articles or news packages is quite an uphill task.

Every job comes with its own challenges and specific targets to be accomplished within a specific time. However, PR is unlike the monotonous ‘9 to 5’ or stressful ‘Sales Target’ job and is just like doing marketing ‘off-field’. It opens up avenues to interact with people with different interests and from diverse regions. It allows building and establishing relations with journalists and editors of major publications, news channels and web portals. Not only it helps in networking, but it also enables the PR professionals to understand the mindset of the people they are dealing with. Continue reading

Some quotes that might help you understand PR a little better!

If you are skeptical about hiring a PR agency and handing over the reputation management of your organization to an external resource, then the following quotes by some prominent personalities will make you understand what exactly Public Relations is and its significance. Moreover, the quotes might make you believe in the power of PR and boost your confidence to try yours hands at it. Continue reading

Delhi Government’s Odd-Even Scheme: A Dreadful Memory

Aam Aadmi Party has always been a party of U-turns. From its 49-day autocratic rule to its present day undemocratic functioning, all AAP has in its bucket-list is its obsession with name calling and plenty of unfulfilled promises. Blame game has been their ‘vajra’ and intolerance towards any rebellion against the party has been their mode of survival. Today after one year of the party’s coming to power, all it has remained is a herd of workers and politicians who seem to blindly agree with Arvind Kejriwal on all his decisions. For such people AK’s stance is a gospel truth, his yes is a yes and no is a no. Continue reading

The Pendulum

“Hello, is it Miss Archana?” Came the voice over the telephone.

“Yes. Who is this?” Replied Archana, a bit irritated at the interruption. There was much work to do, and she had calls of her own she had to make. Being a PR executive was not an easy task.

“This is Arshad here, ma’am.” The voice said, respectfully. “I am doing a story on rehabilitation of cancer patients and just wanted to ask you if your client would like to contribute.”

Archana stared at her screen in silent surprise for a moment. This was the same journalist who had many a time rudely turned down a story idea without ever listening it through. In fact, Arshad, being the Delhi-NCR healthcare editor of a top publication, was famous for treating PR personnel like dirt. Slow anger bubbled up in the pit of Archana’s stomach. Continue reading

Is Guest blogging heading towards extinction?

Kicked off with an eye on being a traffic puller to various blogs via links, guest blogging is now facing harsh criticism by Google Webspam head Matt Cutts over its transformation into a spam practice and link-building technique. Some of us might disagree with him but if we step into Matt Cutts’ shoes, maybe we would know how tough it gets for him to pass on the company’s unpopular policies and bear the brunt of subsequent criticism from the opposing end. Frankly speaking, his recent tweet stating, ‘Stick a fork in it, Guest blogging is done!’ definitely comes out as legitimate.

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PR Works: How Delhi was won and lost

PR is extremely important for success; a good PR campaign can boost your profile, whereas a poor one can cause considerable loss for your venture. Having a good PR team can make a world of difference by effectively timing the campaign and sending across a strong message to the targeted audience. This has been amply demonstrated in differing fortunes of the recently concluded Delhi Vidhan Sabha elections.

Consider the situation last summer: BJP-led NDA had just stormed to a landmark victory in the Lok Sabha elections. The other parties were nowhere to be seen – AAP was licking its wounds, and Congress was in absolute tatters.Delhi had been under theGovernor’s rule ever since AAP’s infamous AK49 fiasco. Arvind Kejriwal’s resignation from the post of New Delhi’s Chief Minister was a very ill-timed, extremely negative PR move which not only dented his party’s prospects in the Lok Sabha elections, but also led to a major loss of goodwill amongst the masses. Any PR executive worth his salt would tell you the time was ripe for BJP to pounce in for the kill. So, as we analyse the aftermath of AAP’s resounding victory in the elections, where exactly did everything go wrong for BJP, and how did AAP manage to turn the tide around? The answer to both the questions would be the same – the PR campaign.

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The need for PR

A friend of mine once commented that PR business is a dog’s work – you get blasted by your clients, kicked by your bosses, hassled by your colleagues and turned down by the journalists; in the PR industry the good that you do is only fleeting, but your failures haunt you forever. When queried upon why he continued with the profession despite all the problems, he dragged on a cigarette butt with all the concentration of a meditating sage before responding with, “If I don’t do it, someone else will.”

Best PR Agency

His remark had a ring of truth to it; Delhi alone has so many PR agencies and freelance PR executives within its bordersthat their combined population might outnumberthe Grand Duchy of Luxembourgthree times over.His comment, however, made me wonder about a few things;why would someone be willing to go through so much trouble for a pay-check or a payment from the client, and why were so many people willing to do it? Moreover, as a naturally reticent individual, I wondered if it was really required. After all, why would you need to scream over the rooftopsabout your work if you’re giving first-rate, superior service? Any prospective consumer would look for quality, and as long as you keep providing high-quality end-product spending extra does not come into the picture.

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Women are from Earth, and so are the men

Working in a PR agency is a tough ask; you have to listen to the clients’ ranting and the journalists’ scoffing almost on a daily basis, and are still expected to work with a smile. It is a female-dominated industry (one of the reasons I joined); women excel at socialising, organising andcategorising (whereas men excel at belching, particularly after a few drinks). No wonder you won’t find many men here; given the amount of pressure PR executives are subject to, most men would either take up drinking or take up a gun (or in some rare cases both) to relieve the tension.It’s a man’s world, goes the cliché; however, the rules of the outer world do not apply in the PR industry, as I came to know unfortunately one fine afternoon.
Brand Promotion


“Men!” said Sonal. Recently married, she had been patiently advising all her unmarried soul-sisters of the pros and cons of marriage (which was at that point heavily tilted in favour of the latter) during the lunch break. “It is impossible to live with them.”

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